Organising an event or managing a theme park?

Then you have probably faced at least one of the following challenges.

Cash Handling

High volume of notes and coins..
Trouble handling change.
Cash handling accuracy.
Foreign currencies acceptance.

Sales Supervision

Cash theft and loss.
Payment errors and mistakes.
Cost of security and supervisors.

Access control

Entrance personnel supervision.
Slow process of access control check.
Number of visitors overview.

Check-out Queues

Crowds at paydesk.
Slow process & unhappy visitors.
Excess personnel required.
Less frequent purchases.

Event Image

“I’ve been cheated, mugged, pickpocketed…”
“Not those queues again!”

What if we told you your results can look like this?


revenue increase


sales supervision


faster service


user friendly

Let us show you how Event Wallet works.

Event Wallet is a plug & play solution that proviides your visitors effortless experience of access and contactless payment using their personalized card or wristband with an embedded RFID chip.


Visitor receives RFID bracelet


Enters the event by scanning at access management device


Wristband funds are topped up with cash or credit card


Products and services are being paid with the wristband – quick & easy!


Cash-out of remaining funds is possible


Visitor exits event premises by scanning the wristband

Interested in solution?

Let us show you how it can be customized to fully adjust to your business requirements.

Want to know more about Event Wallet?

The key to solution is to give each event visitor a unique digital identity in a form of a wristband with an embedded RFID chip. The wristband is a personal digital wallet for every visitor to store his or her ticket and funds intended to be spent during the event.

Visitor enters event zones based on the ticket that has been paired with the wristband. At the entrance, wristband is scanned by access control device, that checks asscess rights with the central system. Wristband also has its own prepaid account which visitor can top-up with cash or credit cards at Top-up points. After top-up, all payments are cashless and contactless – quick and easy for visitors, quick and easy for staff!
Unique serial number of the wristband is being paired with the entrance ticket and it enables event managers to track access, movement and spendings in real time during the event.

By digitalizing two key proccesses at events – access control and sales – our our solution enables thei monitoring. Event manager supervizes these proccesses in real time and has an insight to their efficacy at any moment.
Some of the data monitored are: number of visitors inside the venue, top up stats, spenditure at the bars, top bars, top products sold, average spenditure per visitor… and many more!
These data help event managers to bring argumented decisions during the event. After the event has ended, in depth analysis of the data provide priceless inputs for the coming events. With EventWallet, the service is at the top level – quick and easy for staff, pleasurable and impressive for visitors.

Components & Features


Access control

Access control is mananged via central aplication that aggregates data about all access rights and access history for each event ticket or wristband. Entrance rights are checked by turnstile or handheld devices with RFID readers and barcode scaners. Event manager can supervises entire access process in real time and can get detailed analytics per entrance, day, hour, zone..


Our solution enables wristband top-up with cash, by credit card or both. Event visitors and your employees are already familiar with our specialized EFTPOS Ingenico iCT 220 devices which are used also in retail. That makes it easier to train the staff and visitors pay via familiar devices and feel safe. Sales has never been easier! It is contactless and secure for visitors and event organizers. We also offer integration with our Paydesk system that makes the entire payment process a lot easier.


We recommend to use the cashless module combined with our paydesk system for a complete business solution compatibile with law regulations of local market. Paydesks are robust, portable andused via touch screen for speed. Backoffice module od the system provides a detailed analytics of all transactions by paydesk, product, bar, day…

Service improvement rates

Sales supervision
On-line monitoring
Shorter queues
Improved service level
Increased sales

Managing an event or a hotel with numerous guests is a complex and challenging process. Together with the important goal to offer an ultimate experience, it brings a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy service for the guests. We understand that and we want to help you ensure top level of service and protect your business goals by using advanced technology.

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